About Coffee Tree

Coffee Tree is the place that I always wished it would be there.

As I come from an international family of food and coffee lovers, there is more to me to it than just a quick meal.

Sitting down with a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee or eating a home made sandwich for me is that special space and time bubble to indulge yourself or to socialise.

I love just sitting and reflecting or have a lively family meal or a good chat with a friend. But most of all I love to share that passion and make people happy with a quality time break.

My food training background is as international as our family is: my training began in a French restaurant in London, followed by working in an English cafe with a Brazilian owner. He is the person who taught us all about quality and the real taste of coffee!

And before coming to Cambridge I have lived and learned in France providing catering to special events – and that added that special French cherry on top of my skill mix.

I feel very lucky to be able to open my own coffee shop in the beautiful city of Cambridge. It makes me happy every morning to come and be at Coffee Tree, see how it’s unique atmosphere is created by the staff and our guests, smell the coffee and the freshly baked bread and hope very much you will join me there!

Agnieszka Finer

Yours, Agnieszka Finer
Coffee Tree Owner